The best way to manage your time

Time is a product through which you can get material, information, educational values.
Today you can turn your time into the realization of your even the most fantastic ideas



With the emersion of new cryptographic technologies, due to mining, the cooperative development of separate BlockChain networks, it is possible to receive monetary compensation. Our service converts the time spent by computers on maintaining BlockChain networks in money.

What about the advantages?

There are many advantages in using the app. Except for remote clients consulting and guaranteed payments, you can customise your app based on your business information and preferences. There are also no registration or monthly fees.

Many possibilities in one app

A registered user can book and confirm services here. You can see any consultant free time and make an appointment. You can pay for the service. And all of these is possible right in the app, so there is no need in using any other external resources.

How to get Time
Mobile Profit
Smart contract

Different ways to get Time

Time - offers differents ways of obtaining crypto currency. You can become an investor in cloud mining, buy equipment extracting time, earn with a mobile phone, use smart contracts to purchase education, real estate


Hardware Time One (60$)

The unique generation of digital mini computers Time One

These computers are designed only for the production of counting units Time
Preinstalled software : Ubuntu + Time Application
Award 40.000 $ from 1 computer for 8 years connected to the network Time Network
5 Level system of cryptomarketing.
HashRate = 15 GIPS

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