Smart way to manage your time

Time is a product with which you can get material, informational, educational values. Today you can turn your time into the realization of your even the most fantastic ideas

Untill update V3.0.0

Decentralised economy

Banking platform of the financial management

Progress does not stand still, and new technologies are increasingly entering in our lives. TIME Bank card is a universal payment tool that is accepted all over the world at any point, including ATMs, real and virtual stores, as well as stores offering goods and services by mail and phone.

  • Use safely with an international level protection system
  • Trading pairs Exchange your money in a few clicks on Time using the world's most popular services, payment systems and cryptocurrencies
  • Any currency for issue Receive money instantly anywhere in the world

О Time

Time your reliable bank of TIME

Time Network - is decentralized cryptoplatform open source, based on the source code Xevan&TimeAlgo. The main goal of Time is to research and develop a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-managed and self-financing ecosystem.

  • Pow/Pos Mining
  • A high percent of the profits to the holders of Masternode
  • The most profitable mining in 2018 on video cards


Enjoy the technologies

Productive ecosystem

Time is committed to create a safe and enabling environment for further network development and improvement.

Stable income

MasterNode - the node that reward long-term holders of coins because they keep their coins TIM.

Exchange for other cryptocurrencies

At the moment, we support more than 15 payment systems, as well as cryptocurrency are present on the world's trading platforms.

Fraud protection

The trading platform was audited The best of crypto-currencies allows you to passively mine it with the help of masternodes and mining on video cards. The main thing is that you can buy it in a few clicks in your personal account.

TIME Bank card benefits

Offer your customers the fastest, safest and cheapest payment method in the world. Connect to the world's first payment network without borders. Receive payment in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device.


DarkSend is the name for decentralized mixing, which makes it difficult to track and provides a greater degree of privacy / anonymity for transactions on the TIM network.

Profit Table

Trading rates

Monthly trading volume for September-October


Annual yield of masternodes


The monthly returns of masternodes



Road Map

September 2017
The launch of the closed beta 0.1
September 2018
The launch of the platform Time V1.0
Implementation of XEVAN algorithm
October 2018
Introduction updates to version 3.0, changing security Deposit masternode, international conference Synergy SMM Forum
November 2018
Conference in Moscow BlockChain Riw, mobile application version 3.0 with built-in mining
Release software to production TimeApplication V3 CPU+GPU
December 2018
Launch of an offer platform for earnings without investments.
February 2019
Testing TimeToTrade platform
March 2019
Trading platform implementation
April 2019
Update V4.0
Q3 2019
Preparation of legal documents for TIME multi-currency exchange
Q4 2019
Bank Card Release


Time App

We pay you to view advertisements of our partners. You get money that is converted to Time-it's absolutely free. Payment on average from 0.3-2.99$ for each day
* Payment may vary depending on your region and country of residence.


Coin Info

  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, ADVCASH, QIWI, MASTERCARD/VISA, Perfect Money, AdvCash
Maximum number of coins 100.000.000 TIM
Current number of coins 5.351.380 TIM
Cryptocurrency Ticker TIM
  • MasterNode: Available
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Exchange orders: Yes
  • Know Your Developer (KYD): Yes



  • What is TIME

    The best of crypto-currencies allows you to passively mine it with the help of masternodes and mining on video cards. The main thing is that you can buy it in a few clicks in your personal account.

  • Where you can exchange TIM

    In your Time account. On exchanges is presented under currency exchange

  • What payment systems can I use to purchase TIME?

    We support most popular systems with which Time can be purchased: <

  • How to buy Time masternode?

    1.In the personal account on the website
    2.On any of the listed exchanges
    -Graviex market
    -Stocks 3. Our hosting partner for your masternode

  • What is masternode?

    Masternode is an alternative way of coin mining. Our algorithm allows users having TIME for your wallet to get 1000% per year (actual income you can look at ( / currencies/TIM/)

  • For what i need "Time"

    If the security of your investments is important to you
    If you want to see how much you can earn on modern technology, but always afraid or it was too difficult for you

Upcoming Events


Top List

GRAVIEX Exchange

Low rates, fast withdrawals and high security. Order price step = 0.1 sat

Stocks Exchange

Start trading with the exchange and earn on cryptocurrency, trading Commission 0.1%

22 October 2018

DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on the technology of Hydro Protocol instantaneous matching of orders in real time with a secure online control.

November 2018

Our goal is to make coins available for South Africans with the Deposit options through of major South African banks.

Coming Soon

The largest exchange in the CIS market

Coming Soon

Cryptopia offers users the best global transparent exchange platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Cloud mining

The most profitable contract

  • Name: TimeIsMoney MasterNode
  • Referal Program: 3 Level 10-1,5-0,5
Minimum investment amount 10.00 TIM
Monthly income 45%
Term of the contract Non Stop




Synergy SMM Forum – one of the largest events in the field of Internet marketing in Russia.
the Event will take place on 15-16 October 2018

RIW – the main annual autumn exhibition and conference event 5 sectors of the digital economy: Internet, telecommunications, Media, Technology, Software. It will be held on November 21-23 at one of the main exhibition venues in Moscow.

All about earnings on cryptocurrencies.
5000+ participants.
Leading companies in the industry.
80+ speakers и 70+ countries


Masternode Hosting

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